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Wine List

Champagne & Sparkling, White, Rosé & Red Wine


Vitelli Prosecco Spumante, Italy

Fruity and fragrant with clean notes of citrus, pears and apples along with slight hints of hawthorn, wisteria and elder floral fragrances and crisp effervescence that characterises a top quality Proscecco. 11.0%

200ml Mini Bottle: £7.95 Bottle: £28.95

Vitelli Prosecco Rosé Extra Dry, Italy

A classic Pink Proscecco with fine and persistent mousse, hints of red fruits and floral notes with an elegant and long finish. 11.0%

200ml Mini Bottle: £7.95

Champagne Pierre Bertrand ier Cru Brut NV

This exquisite fizz is a deep copper gold with wonderful peachy notes on the nose and an explosive juicy palate. 12.5%

Bottle: £55.00



Sauvignon Blanc Airen, Castillo del Moro, Spain

Fresh and light with tangy citrus fruit and delicate floral aromas, this wines refreshes the palate. 12.0%

175ml: £5.50   250ml: £7.75   Bottle: £20.95

Pinot Grigio, Trebbiano, Bella Modella Italy

A well-rounded wine with flavours of white fruits and delicate floral notes. Dry and crisp with an elegant light body. 12.5%

175ml: £5.75   250ml: £8.25   Bottle: £21.95

Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

Intense and fruity with zesty, lip-tingling gooseberry and lime notes underlined with just a hint of passion fruit. Bright & fresh. 13.5%

175ml: £7.75   250ml: £10.95   Bottle: £29.95

Chardonnay, Woolloomooloo, Australia

A fruity white wine with intense aromas of tropical fruits, floral notes and herbaceous touches. On the palate it is fruity, flavoursome and elegant. Well-balanced and deviously easy drinking! 12.5%

Bottle: £22.95

Domaine Fournillon Chablis, Burgundy

Fresh and fruity, a top class Chablis, with characteristic minerality running through it. Vibrant, pebble dry and slightly floral on the nose. 12.5%

Bottle: £42.50

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

A prestigious Kiwi sauvignon blanc. Ripe and tropical with gentle touches of apple and lemon. 13.5%

Bottle: £45.00

125ml serving also available


Pinot Grigio Blush, Bella Modella, Italy

Lip smacking rosé, crisp and refreshing with tasty strawberry notes. Lovely paired with salads and fish dishes or simply on its own. Salute! 12.5%

175ml: £5.75   250ml: £8.25   Bottle: £21.95

Bulletin White Zinfandel, California

Flavours of juicy ripe strawberries and sweet pear drops makes this a delicious and moreish wine suitable for those of a sweeter disposition. 10.0%

175ml: £5.75   250ml: £8.25   Bottle: £21.95

Ultimate Provence, France

Layers of raspberry and strawberry on the nose to invite you to a gorgeous, spicy palate. A fresh, elegant wine with great acidity for food pairing, but roundness to enjoy on its own. This is the ultimate wine for a special occasion. 12.5%

Bottle: £45.00

125ml serving also available


Tempranillo Syrah, Castillo del Moro, Spain

Silky soft Spanish red with plump and juicy fruit. Ample ripe red fruits with a little exotic spice. 13.0%

175ml: £5.50   250ml: £7.75   Bottle: £20.95

Merlot, Tierra del Rey, Chile

Aromas of rich fruitcake, dark chocolate and liquorice with flavours of ripe blackcurrant. 12.5%

175ml: £5.95   250ml: £8.50   Bottle £22.95

Shiraz, Woolloomooloo, Australia

A big juicy fruit packed wine with aromas of rich black cherry and plum. Perfect with the steak and ale pie or rump steak. 12.5%

175ml: £5.95   250ml: £8.50   Bottle: £22.95

Malbec, El Cuyo, Argentina

Soft notes of damson and aromas of black stone fruit, interwoven with notes of chocolate sweet spice. Balanced acidity leads into a long velvety finish. 13.5%

Bottle: £25.95

Rioja Crianza, Fianca Besaya, Spain

Smooth and warming with plenty of red berry fruit flavours, vanilla oak and notes of exotic spice. 13.5%

175ml: £6.25   250ml: £8.95   Bottle: £23.95

Chateau Franc Baudron, Montagne St Emilion

Deep and dense, with a rich bouquet of blackcurrant and wild strawberry. Ripe and toasty with good complexity of flavour and a silky texture. 13.5%

Bottle: £42.50

Neil Ellis Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Stellenbosch

A deep dark and rich red with touches of cassis and dried herbs. Fine tannins make this the perfect pairing with red meats, cheese and other rich dishes.. 13.5%

Bottle: £45.00

125ml serving also available

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