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 A Short History on The White Swan, Conington

 The Landlords 

Prior to 1801 the village pub in Conington, which may then have been near the church, was known simply as the “Swan”. It is interesting that the first three recorded “beer Retailers” were women, but since 1781, except for two years, the licence has been held by men. The longest of the thirty six recorded tenancies has been that of John Lawson. He was mentioned in the quarter Session Record in 1823 and if he is the same John Lawson recorded as co-landlord in Gardner’s Gazetteer of Cambridgeshire of 1851, he probably held the house for thirty years. His immediate predecessor, James Willows, was also at the pub for a long time from 1796 to 1822.

The Building

The present building is more recent than the name of the pub. The Enclosure Map of 1804 and the “one inch” O.S map of 1842 show no building on the present site. However, a Conington Hall Estate Map of 1864 clearly marks the “White Swan Inn” in its present position. The “Tudoresque” style in which the pub is built, with its red brickwork, hooded windows and diamond shaped window panes, was a fashionable style for estate buildings in the mid 19th century. Houses in the High Street in the same style, now demolished, apart from 1, bore the date 1849, so presumably the pub was built by the estate at about the same time. The pub was leased to a brewer in 1929 and sold by the estate in 1939, eventually ending up in the ownership of Greene King in 1942. The pub was Purchased by Colin Williams in 2013, and put under the care of The Conington Pub Co Ltd.

The principal activity of the Company has been to purchase and restore the White Swan Pub, Conington, Cambridgeshire, during the Great Dissolution of Public Houses in the 2000 and teens. It is a not-for-profit company keeping the White Swan in good repair and open to sell cask ales and affordable food for the benefit of the residents of Conington and surrounding villages.

The Beer

There is no record of a regular supplier of beer before 1929. In that year R.J and C.T Lindsell of Chatteris Brewery took the lease and supplied the house, they merged with Jenkins and Jones of Huntingdon and Marshall Bros (Huntingdon) Ltd in 1932 to form Huntingdon Breweries Ltd who bought the property in 1939. It passed in 1942 to Greene King who supplied it from their Panton Brewery in Cambridge. Greene King merged with Wells and Winch in 1961 and since 1965 the beer has come from the old Wells and Winch Brewery at Biggleswade. 

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Kelly’s Directories of Cambridgeshire, The Electoral Roll , Register of Licensing.
The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments for West Cambridgeshire, Maps in Cambridgeshire Record Office. 

Thanks are due to Mr K.H. Page of Greene King Ltd
Research by C.E & S.P Howlett – April 1982 Research
Updated in September 2022 by Neil & Caroline Humphreys 

Elizabeth CASTER (or CARTER) c 1765 – 1772
Mary NUNN 1774 – 1780
William ASHBOLT 1781 – 1783
James WALLERS (or WILLOWS) 1784 – 1795
James WILLOWS 1796 – 1822
John LAWSON 1823 – 1828
John LAWSON & W.M. PORTER 1828 – c1854
Samuel ROLLS c 1854 – c1861
Richard BLACK c 1861 – c1867
Samuel GATHARD c 1867 – c1881
Joseph BULL c 1881 – c 1885
Arthur LILLEY c 1885 – c1898
Robert WILKINSON c 1898 – c1906
George BUTLER c 1906 – 1912
Albert HARRADINE 1912 – 1919
George ANGIER c 1919 – c1923
Arthur COE 1926 – 1942
Hubert DANN 1942 – 1959
Edna GLASSCOCK 1959 – 1960
Percy GAY 1960 – 1961
Harold SOMMERVILLE 1961 – 1977
Keith RICHES 1977 – 1981
Michael ROBINSON 1981 – 1982
George McARTHUR 1982 – 1988
Geoff D’ALCORN &Dennis RUST 1988 – 1998
Trevor & Joan GREGORY 1999 – 2001
Kevin & Teresa PARFETT 2001 – 2006
Richard – GREEN KING 2006 – 2007
Sarah BLEET 2007 – 2010
Kevin ELSTUB 2010 – 2012
Anthony SMITH? (6 Months) 2012 – 2012
Chris & Sarah COLE 2012 – 2015
Neil & Caroline HUMPHREYS 2015 – 2022
Richard & Andrea SCHONFELDT 2022 – Present

Elsworth Road, Conington CB23 4LN

Pub Opening Times

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Saturday 12:00pm  - 11:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm  - 11:00pm

Kitchen Opening Times

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